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3 big tricks teach you skateboarding
- Feb 05, 2018 -

There are many types of skateboards, many people are now very much like this sport. But every time I see someone skateboarding, we feel it is difficult to see it so familiar to others slippery, look at their own envy, in fact, skateboarding is not as difficult as we imagined Oh!

Whenever you see someone stand on the scooter, "run" so fast, we also want to stand on the slide down to try it? Skateboarding if it is not good, it will fall, so everyone in the first Skateboarding, you can first read the skateboarding skills of others to share, so you can take a lot of detours it! Here's a small series for everyone to explain about the teaching of skateboarding!

1, first skating well

Focus on the immobility of the foot, when the ground slippery slope when the body leaned forward, there is nothing trick, more slippery will be stable!

The body leaned forward slightly while sliding on the ground

2, turn

You usually used which foot to slip on the floor, put the foot on the bottom of the tail, put pressure on it, and lift the other foot slightly while tilting the board. Then hand and body (especially the waist) to make the appropriate rotation (it is often able to catch the trick). To turn the body to control the power of turning the size of the angle.

3, stop

The most common way is to go straight down and pick up the board, or use the foot of the foot of your usual slippery ground to make the ground slow down. You can also use the back of the foot to force the cocking force down to 45 Degree will stop very fast but I do not encourage you to use the law, commonly used words at the bottom of the board will wear very powerful. More difficult to jump and catch the board, or you move the pedals in front of the tilt, the other foot raised a little bit, and with the method of turning the board quickly horizontal to Before the taxi (the body to be backward), what stopped!

It can be said that skateboarding is an extreme sport. So Xiaobian remind everyone that before skateboarding must be safe and effective measures, play is followed, the body's health and safety is the most important. Before you play it is best to do a warm-up exercise, exercise bones, it is necessary. At the same time some of the safety equipment skateboard we must check well, do not go wrong.

Skateboarding, an extreme sport, so before you start playing, be sure to take the best safety precautions to protect important parts of your body, such as the head, knees, wrists, etc. Here are some of the safety equipment skateboards are introduced .

1) helmet

A quality helmet is your most important safety device. We are convinced that if you wear a helmet without a helmet while riding a scooter, it will recover quickly and easily. However, the head injury will greatly affect your future life.

2) shoes

It must be pointed out that the shoes must be durable and wear-resistant parts must wear without discomfort. The vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for scooter sports, sandals and high root shoes are not suitable for scooter sports.

3) knee pads

The most significant invention for knee pads is the invention of plastic knee pads. In addition there are many good knee pads, wearing any knee than knee wear better.

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