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Children often ride a Skateboard can exercise the body's flexibility
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboard is a child's toy. Children often riding Skateboards can exercise the flexibility of the body, improve response speed, increase physical activity, enhance the body's resistance. So, on the purchase of children's Skateboards, parents, you understand? Let's introduce parental Xiaobian let's introduce it.

Children's Skateboards to buy more than 5 small dots attention

1, handrail jacket material is very important

Handrail anti-skid with anti-skid effect. Taking these roles into account, the design of the armrest jacket uses PVC thermoplastic elastomer. PVC thermoplastic elastomer is actually an extension of the soft PVC products, with close to rubber performance. Compared with soft PVC, the advantages of TPVC are as follows: permanent compression deformation is small, big rebound, bending fatigue strength, excellent abrasion resistance, high coloring freedom, ozone resistance, excellent workability, product gloss.

The reason for choosing TPVC is that it has good weatherability, aging resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance, and PVC thermoplastic elastomer is inexpensive and meets the requirements of handrail jacket. In addition to improve its anti-skid performance, specially designed toothed shape, so that users use more comfortable and safe. Processing technology using injection molding method. Injection molding of high efficiency, forming operation is relatively simple, small loss of raw materials for mass production, product quality and stability. Toothed handrail jacket is more complex, easy to use injection molding operation.

2, Skateboard bracket must be solid

Skateboard brackets, also known as skateboarding bridge, skateboarding performance in the quality of playing an invaluable role. Therefore, the use of high-strength chrome-plated steel pipe - ferritic 1Gr17 steel, the steel density of 7.70kg / dm3, the density is relatively small, excellent mechanical properties to meet the requirements of its high strength, and lower the cost of steel. Cold rolling process using cold forming method, the steel at room temperature for pressing, this method good rolling plasticity, size precision, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, cold deformation resistance, deformation is small. Pipes coated with a layer of metallic chromium plating method, with a bright decorative effect. Chrome plating has good high temperature wear resistance, not only fully meet the requirements of rolling pipe, and long life. Between the pipe and the pipe arc welding method.

Children's Skateboards to buy more than 5 small dots attention

3, the board to be resistant to aging

Skateboards on the board has high requirements. Initially decided to use ABS plastic, ABS plastic is a good overall performance of the thermoplastic, but poor weather resistance, not suitable for outdoor sports, so does not meet the requirements of the Skateboard board. Through access to information, the final selection of ASA plastic. ASA plastic is an opaque yellow amorphous polymer, odorless and tasteless, itself flame retardant; lightweight, the relative density of 1.05 ~ 1.09; high strength, with good resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, notched impact strength of 480 ~ 580J / m, Tensile strength of 38 ~ 48MPa; long-term use at -20 ~ 75 ℃, with good high temperature performance; Good chemical resistance. Compared with ABS, due to the introduction of double bond-free acrylic rubber instead of butadiene rubber, so weathering has been essentially improved, not only resistant to ultraviolet radiation degradation, aging, fading, while resistant to processing The role of thermal oxygen to prevent decomposition and discoloration, it is precisely because ASA weatherability than ABS about 10 times higher than the plastic to become weathering one of the best varieties, aging resistance than ABS more than 10 times higher, ASA Products without painting and plating and other surface protection, can be used outdoors. Exposure to sunlight for 15 months, impact strength and elongation at break almost unchanged, the color has not changed.

The outstanding advantages of ASA: ASA good coloring, plus good weatherability, dyed a variety of colors do not fade. ASA is also a kind of self-antistatic material, which can make the product less dust on the surface, which meets the requirement of cleaning the Skateboard board. ASA molding processing performance is good, can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, compression molding processing, but also machining, welding, bonding and thermoforming. Scaffolding surface structure is simple, are small products, so the choice of common injection molding, this method of raw material loss is small, simple operation, molding at the same time the product can obtain a bright colored appearance at the same time, eliminating the need for secondary processing Processing. ASA injection temperature of 240 ~ 260 ℃, injection pressure of 80 ~ 100MPa, mold temperature of 50 ~ 85 ℃.

Children's Skateboards to buy more than 5 small dots attention

4, the wheel to wear

Skateboards on the wheels of the performance is relatively high. Polyamide based elastomer, TPA, is used here.

TPA has actually been far from the performance of rubber, the lack of flexibility to retain the comfort of the PA: toughness, chemical resistance and good wear resistance, there is a very good muffler function, in line with the requirements of the Skateboard wheels. Compared with other thermoplastic elastomers, polyamide-based elastomers have low density and light weight; they are easy to process and form; they have wide range of hardness and can reach the hardness that other elastomers can not reach. TPA has excellent mechanical strength, good tensile strength, toughness, good abrasion resistance, good impact resistance and little influence by temperature. In the following 80 ℃ warm water or room temperature organic acid, almost no change in the organic solvent. TPA has good processing properties, in particular: processing stability, easy to cut the material, the ejection and demolding, resulting in less flashing, short molding cycle, good dimensional stability. However, the disadvantage of polyamide elastomer is the relatively high price, so the use of raw material loss is relatively small injection molding process.

5, brake device is essential

Brake device for the front brake. The part of the material using phenolic plastic. Bakelite is the oldest type of plastic, is still widely used. Phenolic resin is a thermosetting plastic, which has high mechanical strength, better creep resistance than thermoplastics, high rigidity, hard and wear resistant, stable product size, easy shrinkage, small shrinkage during molding, easy to crack, heat resistance and chemical resistance Drug model, the cost of low prices.

Suitable for casting methods. Casting molding process is simple, low cost, can produce large-scale products, suitable for mobility and shrinkage of plastic.

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