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Electric Scooter Selection Guide
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Electric scooter is another new form of skateboarding following traditional skateboarding. In the northern part of these large cities and even the whole of China, traffic jams, haze, PM2.5 has become one of the top issues that make people a headache. More and more people begin to pay attention to the environmentally friendly, healthy and fast means of transportation. Electric scooters occupy a place in various means of transportation with its advantages of energy saving, portability, environmental protection, easy operation and high speed.

So how to choose the right electric scooter it?

First, the battery

Currently on the market of electric scooters mainly use two kinds of batteries, of which lead-acid batteries are mostly.

(1), lead-acid batteries

Advantage: China is the world's largest producer of lead-acid batteries, because lead-acid batteries are relatively low prices, it is also the most commonly used.

Disadvantages: small specific volume, short cycle life. In other words, in the same capacity case, the battery weight and volume are greater. Lead-acid batteries currently on the market is basically from the float type of battery developed. Floating battery can not be fast charge and high current discharge. Although technicians spend a lot of effort to improve and put into practical, but its life expectancy is still very poor.

(2), lithium battery

Advantages: Mobile phone batteries are basically using this battery. In the same capacity case, the battery weight and size are smaller, to reduce the weight of the electric scooter has a great advantage. Its life can also be longer than lead-acid batteries.

Disadvantages: the price is more expensive, lithium battery internal resistance is relatively large, the battery is about to be fully discharged when the car may feel inadequate power.

Xiao Bian Recommended: The use of lithium batteries, more lightweight, environmentally friendly, and long service life.

Second, the motor

Electric scooters commonly used wheel motor. Wheel hub motor is divided into solid hub motor and hollow hub motor. Hollow hub motor with national patent, the use of hollow hub motor only one: five electric scooters.

Hollow hub motor

Advantages: compact, simple, good thermal performance, power consumption is less than the solid wheel motor, which means that the same amount of electricity, you can use longer.

Third, the weight

Only the smallest size, weight as light as possible in order to facilitate users in the bus and

Use on the subway. This is especially important for female users. Many electric scooters have a folding function, can be folded after the hand, the purchase of this design should pay special attention, or buy the electric scooter may become idle items.

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