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Four double tilting skateboard how to maintain
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Four double tilting skateboard how to maintain

1, board

Avoid impact; can not water, cracks as far as possible not to touch the water in order to avoid loss of elasticity of wood softening. If the board touch the water, please wipe dry;

2, sandpaper

Some friends play board foot dip a touch of dirt on the board is a layer of off-white dirt get rid of a layer of things. Generally no effect but not good. In fact, the cleaning is very simple and uncomplicated: wring the water wringing, and then to rub the ash, try to rub slowly, heavier it does not matter, slower;

Four skateboard how to buy

3, bearing abnormal sound

Remove the garbage will be cleaned up, and then home vegetable oil soak 3 days;

4, wheels

Try to avoid touching the water. Before playing, for their own safety, Dai Qi safety equipment, to prevent the generation of danger to skateboarding to do regular maintenance, it is usually used to play no problem, use longer.

Choose four skateboards to pay attention to what

1, adjust the wheel before use to make it work freely.

2, according to their use of the lock nut with a reasonable adjustment of the elasticity of the cushion.

3, to the bearing oil on a regular basis to increase bearing lubrication, reduce drag resistance.

4, beginners need to help relatives and friends, in the slope of a small slope on the slopes, with the improvement of technical standards, and gradually change the gradient.

5, do not glide on wet or rough pavement, when you want to jump off the skateboard, you want to watch whether you can bump around people or other items.

6, For replacement parts, the replacement parts should be the same with the original model specifications.

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