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Knowledge about skateboarding
- Feb 05, 2018 -

The skateboard is a very important part of the skateboard except for the brackets, except for the board pattern, some flexibility, the pit and so on. Next we explain from these aspects.

The most common material for skateboarding is called "Hard Rock." Hard Maple mainly grows in North American countries (such as Canada) but some comes from China. The wood of the material is from a stronger cold environment and the hard maple in North America is of better quality. This does not mean that all the plates from Chinese hard maples are of inconsistent quality.

Of course there are some board is bamboo, bamboo board is relatively rare, it is said that the material of bamboo is more hard. There are some carbon fiber, carbon fiber is covered in a very thin layer above the board, lighter and thinner.

We all know that skateboards have seven or eight layers of maple. How to get these pieces of wood together, that is, the use of cold technology, as to what is the middle of the process is a very detailed process, but light board the United States and China two production areas. Cold-pressed manufacturing methods (process, glue, or machine use) American-made boards are usually better. Light cold plate well, it will be printed on different brands plate pattern, that is, we said the pattern.

Light board without pattern. They are cheaper than the brand's board. Light boards have different qualities. Those are like brand decks, the quality is not bad. But it is easy to step off. These two things you should make sure when you want to buy a good light board.

The width of the board

The plates have different widths and lengths. Width is a more important factor that you should look at because of the length-adjusted width. The broader board is usually longer. The main width is from 7.5 to 8.25. The narrow deck (7.625) is light and easy to make vane action, so its technology glides well, but steadily is less than the wide board. Wide plate (8.25 ~) is heavy, so you can more stable plate is a good transition to bowl pool and other terrain, but not suitable for flip technique. Medium board (7.75 ~ 8) should be suitable for starting. If you are tall (190cm ~), your better choice may be a larger board.

The shape of the board

We all know the shape of the board, which usually ends up in two but with some details, the shape of the board is another important thing. What you should be sure of is: the length of the fossa, the caudal plate, and the midfoot.

Feet depth, people will have a certain degree of influence, and some people like deep fenestration, I feel very comfortable, while the deep socket, make the width of the board feel more narrow. Some people like shallow feet nest, so that the board feel wider and more stable.

Board tail foot nest, will make your action force is not the same. Bouncing up at the end of the board will make your bounce slightly higher, but it will also require you to work harder. On the other hand, the board will make you less effort to bounce, but will POP low. So when the action of the inverted slide plate, it is often easier than the normal slide, because the point of the foot is the point of the plate. So beginners more to the point, this will be better to improve technology.

How to distinguish between the end plate it? This is the novice most common one problem.

The easiest way is to look at the board from the side, on both sides of the tilted part of the slightly higher side is the board head, slightly lower one is the tail, just started to recognize, will look a bit out, but carefully observe Room can be able to observe it, it is impossible to look at the surface of the pattern, down the pattern down, the top of the pattern is the head. But this is a local method .. Some board panel head tail is not necessarily according to the pattern will be able to separate.

When you cut the board in the middle, you can see that they are not flat but have small concave. This concave helps your feet stick to the board. Basically, the more concave you get, the more stickiness you can get, but it may hinder the fast moving of your feet, so it is not very suitable for newbies. Concave should be a good start.

Board pattern

There are many skateboard brands making boards. Any brand of board has graphics. These graphics usually include the name of the brand or name of a professional skateboarder who signs the brand name. People choose different brands of taste and style. Each brand's style is different, enjoi more biased cute, girl's board more women. Some skateboarding is made by a brand of special technology that makes them stronger, lighter and more resilient. These special boards tend to be more expensive than others. Although some special board, with other normal board usually do not have big difference.

Maintenance and replacement

Skateboard itself is a consumables, is the biggest one. General skateboard to be used in 3 months will be replaced once. Because of the elastic failure, as well as the practice, the board wear. Seriously worn boards are thinner and more pointed. The same can not be skateboarding on water, water will be greatly reduced elasticity, the wood can not touch the water, it should be a common sense. Second, do not force in the middle of the board, will be broken. And then if the sandpaper gets dirty and you want to get it clean, then it's erased, but with time, you can clean your sandpaper in a matter of an afternoon.


Sandpaper is spread over the board surface. The purpose is to have a sticky, make your skateboard more sticky feet, when doing action more distant drift. Generally, air-filled sand is better to discharge air when attached. However, there is not much difference between different brands of sandpaper. So long as it is not too frequent, it is generally chosen as Bear Sandpaper. Money can choose MOB black sandpaper. Of course, sandpaper can also have a pattern.

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