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Skateboarding Guide With the popularization of extreme sports
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboarding Guide With the popularization of extreme sports, more and more young people join the so-called Extreme Extreme skateboarding. As skateboard has a strong ornamental and easy to learn characteristics, many enthusiasts eager. The first thing to do is palette. Skateboard is generally from the board, skateboard support, skateboard wheel as the main component, but also the higher cost part of a good skateboard generally need to be configured. There are some other accessories such as bearings, sandpaper, screws and other small objects.

1 skateboard length

The right skateboard length depends on your skiing style, height and weight, and most people need skateboards that should reach his chin or lip. Deep snow or race skate longer; freestyle or skateboard short; fat skier can have a slightly longer, more rigid texture of the board; the same skier skier shorter, soft texture of the board available.

2 board width

Width is another very important factor in choosing a veneer, especially when you are a woman, or a man who is extra large or small. Men and women with small feet to use a narrow skateboard, large men need a wide skateboard. The basic principle is: When you stand on a skateboard, your boots should be flush or slightly over the edge.

3 for your skateboard

To find the right length for your board, start with comparing your board with your height. Hand skateboard back end, short skateboard should reach between your neckline and chin. Because shorter skateboards are easier to maneuver, it is more suitable for beginners and for playing tricks, pipe skiing; long skateboards should be controlled to a few centimeters above the top of the eyes. Long skateboard suitable for high-speed cut-in, deep snow and mountain terrain.

The fat skiers also obey these rules, but find a tougher skateboard and skier skiers looking for skateboards. Also, keep in mind that these general rules are for beginners only, and personal preferences also affect the length of your choice of skateboard.

4 female skateboard

Currently there is also a skateboard market dedicated to meet the special veneer women. These boards are narrower and have softer elastic bands for smaller, lighter skiers.

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