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Skateboarding has long existed as a non-mainstream sport
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboarding has long existed as a non-mainstream sport. More and more people are now choosing skateboarding, especially when a Korean long boarding girl plays a long-winded video and the Olympic Games Skateboarding Olympics 2020 after that...

Skateboarding originated in the West Coast of the United States, the ancestor of skateboarding is surfing, for which I will not say in detail here, readers can own Baidu.

More and more people want skateboarding, but first you have to have a skateboard, and many newbies have a lot of confusion about how to buy a skateboard, so the question is:

First, choose a favorite type of skateboard into the pit

Skateboard can be divided into double Alice, fish and long board. If you are a boy, there are no special preferences, taking into account popularity (which allows you to find more playmates and tutorials) and a price / performance ratio (which allows you to spend less time and money) In two ways, I suggest starting from double Alice.

If you choose to skateboarding just want to experience the fun of swimming or travel, fish or big fish on it. Of course, if you are a girl, want to maintain a beautiful, do not want to be seen as a female man, the most important thing is the relatively warm purse, then do not hesitate to choose long board it.

This is mainly for double Alice, then I (maybe) write a special article about fish and longboard.

Second, there is a basic understanding of skateboarding

The basic composition of skateboards, wheels, bridges, plates, bearings, bridge nails, sandpaper. The most basic division is made and imported, this will directly affect the skateboarding experience and skateboarding budget, the price is the same eternal.

For the newcomer, the first and most important question is whether to choose the whole board or the assembly board. This is a bit like the desktop era is to choose their own computer or buy a brand machine (exposure age), based on cost considerations, if you are not serious The choice of difficulty disease, willing to take a moment to choose their own mind, I suggest that you own assembly board. So when others ask you, you can easily say: I set.

So I come to introduce one by one according to the composition of the skateboard, the first is the board began.

1 board from the process point of view is divided into hot, cold pressure, the number of layers are generally 7 or 8 or even 9 layers (directly linked to the price). Whether it is a combination board and the whole board, I think the most important thing for the newcomer is to choose the right board width.

The domestic mainstream width of the board from 7.5 to 8.25, in addition to the size of the feet (this is very important), the narrower board to start the action to be more effort, a little wider board more stable, the action into The call rate will be larger, because it is easy to stand up. My personal foot is 42 yards and is gradually widening from a narrow board of 7.5 to a wide board of 8.0.

In addition, the double rocker has curvature on both sides, the surface keel of the concavity, we used to call it "feet nest", and the formal board head and tail feet nest is a deep and shallow. Feet deep nest of skateboarding, doing the action is relatively good pull some of the board, shallow better control. For the newcomer to buy the first board, whether it is the width of the board or the choice of foot dimples, I suggest that you must go to the skateboard store yourself try it on the width of the board, feel your feet in order to know what you want .

Second is the wheel problem.

The election wheel is the main choice of hardness, divided into hard wheels and soft wheels, double-fingered soft wheel market sales more hardness of 85A, the higher the hardness of the hardness of the more hard slightly, in general, to do action selection 101A ~ 104A . Newcomers generally the first skateboard selection 102A white wheel or black wheel on it. But if it is loyal to brush Street shoes, recommended soft wheels, good for your feet.

3. Then there's a problem with the bearings.

Bearings do not choose industrial bearings, a lot of people bearing the business skateboarding bearings that they also have a few cents a. For a hundred do not give the business, do not. Bearing is the key to ensure that you slip, although usually do not see it, in general, the biggest difference between skateboard bearings and industrial bearings is the shock resistance is super good, to ensure a certain speed at the same time be able to earthquake, anti-fall. But there is a commonality, not water and sand, can not move it please drink WD40 lubricant, kerosene oil what do not.

4. The next question about the stent is the so-called bridge.

Bridge, it sounds very strange, is the plate and wheel bearings together to connect the assembly, the board below the bracket. Like a wheel, the bridge is also divided into soft and hard bridges, as well as high and low bridges. Here I want to say is that those weight, while the power of the feet of strong child paper, choose the hard bridge, it will be very hard, soft bridge is not suitable. The bending performance of the soft bridge is far superior to the hard bridge, but the smooth and easy control of the hard bridge is not the soft bridge can match, choose you.

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