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Skateboarding is also a lot of stress
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboarding is also a lot of stress. In addition to the accuracy of the bearing on the speed of influence depends on the wheel's performance.

The first is the hardness, skateboard wheels are usually polyurethane-based materials, the proportion of polyurethane in the wheel occupies different, the wheel hardness is different. Hardness of 85A (A refers to the hardness) of the wheel is relatively soft, suitable for rough road gliding, glide sound very small, for friends who like shopping placket is a good choice. The 97A-103A's wheels are suitable for both smooth marble and flatter pavements, as well as for U-pools, jumpstakes and more.

Second is the diameter. 38-40mm wheels are now used by very few people, this wheel start, accelerate faster, but stamina small, only suitable for very flat road, is characterized by the action is quite flexible, like to do a little friend can try . 45mm-50mm wheels, is the most suitable road-type wheels. 52-60mm wheel is more suitable for use on a variety of props. In the wild, you can choose more than 60mm off-road wheels. Professional mountain skateboard is a rubber wheel.

There is a rebound. The bounce of the wheels is very important. Although there is no parameter for reference, however, the stronger rebound stronger obstacle. If you do not know how well your wheel bounces, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearings in the wheels and you forcefully throw the wheel to the ground. The wheels with high bounce will bounce onto the ceiling and the wheels with low bounce will only flutter against the ground.

In general, with a professional skateboard to 1,000 yuan. One relatively easy to wear the board also need to be replaced from time to time, the unit price is about 400 yuan. However, as a beginner, the professional assembly board has been used practically enough, and the price is easy to accept.

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