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Skateboarding is not only a sport, but also a culture
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. The latter is subject to geographical and climatic conditions, while the former has a greater degree of freedom. Residents of the sunny Southern California beach community soon made the world's first skateboard. As the birthplace of skateboarding in the United States, naturally there are many other well-known skateboarding star.

Skateboard as a foreign product, the development in the country mainly rely on skateboard manufacturers, agents to organize the promotion of brand activities, this promotion can not only bring great business interests, but also deepened people's understanding of the skateboard. As a cultural carrier, skateboard shoes, music, costumes, films and other derivatives will also appear, which in turn makes the image of the skateboard more three-dimensional.

American skateboarding, enthusiasts have as many as 500 million! Because skateboarding is too thrilling. So in the 1970s has been banned by the government, once devalued as "underground project." After more than 20 years, the skateboarding project was lifted by the government. When this project once again led the fashion movement, there appeared a group of skateboarders headed by superstars such as Tony Hawker and Andy McDonald. Many young people Their position can be comparable to Jordan, Mike Jackson and others.

Taking skateboarding as the main way of skating is a sport that advocates freedom. At the same time, it can also experience the feeling of being overweight and will bring joy and joy to the skaters. Skateboarding is a clear distinction from traditional sports. It does not rigidly adhere to a single form. It requires the wrench to exert his imagination and exert his own inspiration, potential and physical and psychological freedom during his exercise. Skateboarding is a very good psychological limit, but also has great self-challenge, visual irritation, as well as high-tech penetration. We can find a bustling metropolis looking back to nature, into the nature, self-breakthrough.

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