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The quality of the skateboard to determine the quality of the method
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1. Board : skate board surface, generally five, seven, nine maple cold made of microwave. There are aluminum, carbon fiber and other materials made of the board surface. Now the board, board tail are tilt. Personal favorite plate type is 20cm * 81cm size, plate slightly round plate. 22cm above the board, basically can be regarded as U pool board, and its board can accommodate more feet, making it more robust in the U pool. About 19cm board, most of them are used in the flat road surface, the second class board coupled with a small wheel, do a quick and flexible action. In addition, different companies board, foot nest depth is not the same. Some skateboarders prefer the deep plate of the foot, so that it is more convenient to make the action related to the flap and also to be more stable when doing OLLIE.

2. Skateboard truck : Skateboard support, also known as skateboard bridge (Truck), the bridge in the skateboard performance is good or bad play an ineffectual role. Skateboard bridge distance is different, with 126mm, 129mm, 134mm, 139mm, 146mm, etc., different bridge distance skateboard bridge, with different width of the board, making the skateboard more flexible and easier to control. The level of the bridge is also different. The higher bridge is suitable for loading large wheels, the lower bridge is suitable for loading smaller wheels, so that it will be more comfortable to slide and less likely to hit the wheels when the wheels hit the board or over-bending Broken bridge.

3. Skate wheel : skateboard wheel is also a lot to say. In addition to the accuracy of the bearing on the speed of influence depends on the wheel's performance.

The first is the hardness, skateboarding wheel is usually rubbing polyurethane-based materials, polyurethane in different proportions of the wheel, the wheel hardness is different. The hardness of 85A (A refers to the hardness) of the wheel is relatively soft, suitable for rough road gliding, glide sound very small, for friends who like to board shopping is a good choice. However, the 85A wheels are relatively wear-resistant because of their softness, and they can easily break down the partition when doing actions such as a skid brake. General skaters now use the 97A-103A wheel. This type of hardness of the wheel is suitable for both smooth marble and the relatively flat road, but also for U pool, jumping stage and other props. There is no sound in the smooth flat wheel like 85A. But in the rough and U pool, will make a huge roar (the sound is often so that the boarder passionate). Transparent or translucent wheels are not intended to use 103A, too hard, there will be a burst of the situation, the best is only used in props made of all WOOD material.

Followed by the diameter, 38-40mm wheels are now used by very few people, this wheel start, accelerate fast, but the stamina is small, only suitable for very flat road, is characterized by the action is quite flexible, like small movements Friends can try. 45mm-50mm wheels, is the most suitable road-type wheels. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for use on the props. Because props to do action requires a strong impetus, the action of the flat plate hope the lighter the better, while the props on the plate sometimes can bring greater inertia and impact, so you soared higher and further. In the wild, you can choose more than 60mm off-road wheels. Professional mountain skateboard is a rubber wheel. There is a rebound, the wheel's rebound is very important. Although there is no parameter for reference. However, the stronger the ability to rebound stronger obstacles. If you do not know how well your wheel bounces, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearings in the wheels and you forcefully throw the wheels to the ground. The wheels will bounce off the high wheels and the wheels will bounce on the ceiling and the bouncing wheels will only push against the ground twice. On a slippery floor, perhaps both wheels can run as fast as they can, but the advantage of a high-bouncing wheel is immediately apparent when rough terrain is encountered.

4. Accessories Skateboards are the main attachment bearings, sandpaper, screws, wrenches and other small objects. Bearings can be selected according to the situation, the general import of 10 yuan / month, made in about 5 yuan, you can prepare a few more. Sandpaper is attached to the surface of the skateboard to increase friction, so that the skateboard is easy to control. The new sandpaper feels like the sole adheres to the skateboard. Screws, etc. are generally included with the wheels and the bridge, without special preparation. After selecting the skateboard also need to prepare some of the other equipment, you can skateboarding.

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