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What are the benefits of skateboarding?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Popular in this era of Skateboard movement unwittingly had a certain impact on people's lives, children's lives more colorful, but also improve the governance, physical exercise.

Skateboard design principles more in line with adolescent growth. It is the theory of human movement and clever mechanics, the main use of the body waist and hips, writhing feet and hand swing to drive forward. The use of breakthrough twist forward play, let the children hands and feet and use, twist hands and feet drive forward, exercise the waist strength, learn hands and feet and body balance, to achieve the purpose of body exercises.

Playing a Skateboard will improve your child's motor skills, body coordination, and body balance. Play Skateboard needs a good balance of ability, so children under 4 choose a Skateboard, should try to choose three-wheeled Skateboard. Ordinary Skateboards on the balance of the ability of the rider, body coordination requirements higher. Because of this requirement, playing Skateboards on the overall physical fitness of young people have been improved to achieve the purpose of sports and fitness.

Play a Skateboard can exercise the child's will quality. As a beginner, from the beginning of the fall, failure to the final success of riding, skilled control, which is a constant motivation of the process, it can make children more confident, more courageous, more perseverance, greatly Exercise their will quality. Skateboards currently on the market have strict requirements on safety standards. Therefore, exercise must be prepared to protect the knee pads elbow helmets essential, the most crucial and Skateboard ride must be focused.

Play Skateboards to enhance children and parents, and other children's communication, communication skills, to better adapt to the community's requirements. One of the most used skateboarding activities is skating. Experts say children are in a period of bone growth and bone movement, allowing children to fall in love with sports and give their children a healthy body while releasing psychological stress during their playtime. Parents and children playing Skateboards in the process, but also can better enter the child's inner world to understand children, and guide children to establish the correct values. In common with other children's play, they use the medium of Skateboard to better communicate and exchange, so that children can understand good things to share with everyone, knowing selfishness is not desirable. In the process of playing a Skateboard, children learn to get along with friends, become more generous in the playing challenge, he became confident and strong. These can make children better adapt to social life.

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