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Beginners Skateboarding How To Pick And Listen To Voice
- Feb 05, 2018 -

When it comes to skateboarding in the movies, the passion and excitement it brings to the young are unmatched by any other sport. In real life, more and more young people are joining the sport, even though they are sweating profusely. Want to also try it? For beginners, the first is to choose a skateboard. So, how to choose it? Next, we share with you the experience of choosing it.

1 board surface

First of all, beginners in the choice of skateboard, depends on what the material is its board. The best choice for the maple material, and a layer of sand on the front can be non-slip, for the negative you can choose according to their preferences of a variety of patterns. If it is a child who wants to sit on the skateboard to play, you can choose a flat, so more comfortable point, while the concave panel may be uncomfortable.

2 bracket

Of course, in the selection of skateboarding, the components of the bracket should also be noted. It is recommended to choose the seagull bracket made of aluminum material, so not only light, but also relatively strong, strong. Athletes can do any action on it, in the selection, you can try it yourself. Should also undergo some anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion, skateboards who use it will be longer life expectancy. Also note that it has a shock absorber gasket, so that you can have a good flexibility to reduce the vibration generated during play.

3 wheels

In skateboards, wheels are like our feet, walking, so do not ignore it. Try to choose the PU perfusion round, this will be more wear-resistant, but also stable, smooth and comfortable when taxiing, get started relatively fast. For beginners can be more wide, you can avoid falling times.

4 bearing

Bearing bearing the role of connecting the wheels and brackets, need to think of this. Many people tend to overlook it, in the course of the subsequent serious wear and tear, affecting the use of. In order to avoid recurrence, it is recommended to choose chrome steel bearings, this material will wear more, it is not easy to rust. For you who love to play, the use of time will be longer.

5 wrench debugging

It may be normal to have four wheels at different times of day when skateboarding starts, but beginners should be careful. If you skateboarding for a long time, appeared loose, then we must promptly adjust the work to prevent accidents, the need to use a wrench to help us, you can follow the instructions on the adjustment steps for debugging, or professional person.

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