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Skateboard Types
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Toy board

Toy board refers only for skateboarding, beginners can also use. Beginners should choose a smooth taxiing venue, wear a protective elbow, wrist, knee pads, helmets and other protective gear when taxiing. However, if you are really determined to start your limit career, then, put down the piece of children's hands in your bar!

Professional board

Professional board, this is every real skateboarding people should know and be familiar with, your ultimate career, from then on with it. As the slider to do a variety of difficult movements and a variety of tricks, and even bizarre play, so the strength of all parts of the professional board and a variety of performance indicators should meet the requirements.

Specific street and U pool, highway, hillside downhill, the difference is not big, U pool is relatively wide, the bridge is relatively soft, the road surface is very long (in fact, the independent development of the road plate has become another sport, Referred to as LongBoard), downhill-style high bridge and pneumatic tires.

Skateboard use precautions

1. Adjust the wheels before use to make them work freely.

2. According to their own use of the lock nut reasonable adjustment cushion elasticity.

3. Lubricate the bearing regularly to increase bearing lubrication and reduce coasting resistance.

4. Beginners need the help of their relatives and friends, sliding on a small slope angle, with the improvement of technology, and gradually change the different slope.

5. Do not ski on wet or rough roads, and watch the people and other objects around you as you jump off the skateboard.

6. For replacement parts, the replacement parts should be the same as the original model specifications.

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