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Skateboarding Is An Extension Of Surfing On Land
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. The former is limited by geographical and climatic conditions, while the latter has greater freedom. Residents of the sunny Southern California beach community soon made the world's first skateboard.

In today's opinion, it is quite a quaint invention: a 50 * 50CM of wood fixed on the roller skating iron wheels. Even such a simple sports equipment, because it can provide the same psychological feeling of surfing, but also attracted people's interest.

However, this first generation of skateboarding due to its own backwardness (the board is too bulky, inelastic, steering mechanism insensitive, wheels are too slippery, etc.), skateboarding has not been as popular as today, this first skateboard can See this on the skateboard show Ban This.

The second generation of skateboards was born in 1962. This is a 15 x 60 cm board made of oak plywood, a skating steering bridge and a plastic wheel. Compared with the first generation of skateboards, this skateboard is undoubtedly a technological leap. However, the performance of this skateboard plastic wheel is still not ideal. His too small attachment friction made the skateboard run away sharply while his low elasticity was that skateboarding met even slight obstacles and dropped the skateboarder. At the same time, his wear resistance is too poor. In spite of this, this skateboard is still generally welcomed by the skaters. After all, it has evolved considerably over the previous generation of skateboards, with relatively large panels that make it easier for skiers to stand and maneuver. Most skateboards currently sold in China belong to this second-generation product.

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