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Skateboarding Is Now One Of The More Popular Extreme Sports
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Skateboarding is now one of the more popular extreme sports, popular with young friends sought after skateboarding skills there are many kinds of skateboarders who play skateboarding action cool cool, very attractive, how to become a skateboarder it ?

1, up and down skateboarding

There are two ways to stand: one is the left foot in front of the toes to the right, also known as the positive station method; the other is the right foot in front of the toe to the left, also known as reverse station method. Most people skateboards are using the former method of a station. The techniques described below are based on this station method. If you think it is uncomfortable to stand in this way, you can change direction and use the second method.

(1) Preparation: feet stand, skateboard flat at the foot of the ground.

Upper board: put one foot on the front of the skateboard, the other foot is still on the ground.

(2) The body center of gravity has been moved to the upper plate of the feet, the upper body slightly forward, knee flexion, arm extension, to maintain balance.

(3) step on the foot gently pedaling, and then received on the skateboard, on the back of the skateboard, then, the whole body and skateboard began to slide forward.

When skateboarding:

(1) When the skateboard does not stop completely and still glides forward, place the center of gravity on the forefoot and place the back foot on the ground like an undercarriage.

(2) After the foot landing, the center of gravity then transferred to the rear leg, and then lift the front foot, so that both feet fall on the side of the skateboard. When you can freely slide up and down, you should try to position the front and rear feet to be familiar with the reverse sliding position.

2, coasting

Slide your right foot to the right front of the skateboard. Left foot on the ground, focus on the right foot. Use your left foot to slide the skateboard forward, and then close your left foot to step on the tail of the skateboard, maintain your balance, glide for a while, and then use your left foot to repeat the action. So repeated practice, and then grasp the better after they can do longer glide. Began to do 10m, 20m, and then added to 50m, 100m, repeated practice to be able to easily skateboarding skillfully so far, to grasp well the center of gravity change is the direction and speed of the skateboard.

Obstacle slip

Obstacle slip skills, speed stop and sharp turn is a very important skill. Sliding down from the slope, the speed is relatively fast, we must learn to keep his feet on the skateboard, skateboarding stop rotating hung hung stop motion. There are two ways to change the speed of the skateboard: one is to use the back foot to control the center of gravity to try to make the body lean forward to drive the skateboard forward; two hard bang flexible skateboarding face, the use of flexibility to glide forward. As long as you mentioned above, you should have a good balance and be flexible at your feet.

Skate forward so that it reaches the proper speed, as far as possible to open both ends of the cross-slide skateboard. Focus on the forefoot, the left foot, and tilt the tail, while turning 180 degrees clockwise (backward or outward). If the action is correct, after completion of the skateboard reversal, the right foot to become a supporting foot.

4, skateboarding 360 degree rotation skills

Slider in the taxi through a slight push to find the balance, you can swing back and forth, but also around. Try to keep skateboarding level. When ready, swing your arm counterclockwise. At the same time to maintain balance, but also to the left to do the last push. Focus on the right foot, arm swing to the right, and bring the whole body rotation. Turn the wheel to the axis when turning. Try to keep the rear wheel level. Do not lift the front of the board too high. In fact, no need to pay attention to the front of the skateboard. Just focus on the end of the board, and increase the rotation, the front will naturally lift, and the height is just right.

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