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Skateboarding Practice, There Are Many Problems Are Part Of The Mentality
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1. The first thing to know about skateboarding is a certain amount of difficulty, which is why you have to choose a skateboard because you decide to challenge yourself. If you are the kind of personality that can not accept the challenge, perhaps you should consider giving up

2. Practice should be diligent, the frequency is high, do not go to the chatting rest, watch others play. Even if you want to see master performance is watching while practicing, not always sit down and see

3. Take the initiative to say hello to people, but also recognize more as a beginner's friends, each other can observe and learn, how much each place will have love and not good kind of master, not because these people are afraid to make friends with other people, because you You need friends who can talk skateboards

4. Do not be afraid of shame, beginners should have focused on their own practice, as long as be careful not to bump into people, or block the line to others, as others are not important to you

5. Do not want to "love now." If you had decided to skateboarding is to "love" you will have a great setback, because skateboarding is not like "singing" "hip-hop" and look forward to the appreciation of others vision, skateboarding is a challenge to yourself, if your action Praise of style, which would have been a good thing; but if you take the look of others to decide on your skateboarding mood, then lose your original original intention

6. Do not wait for others to be able to teach you that this is impossible, to ask others why you can not jump before, at least have been practicing OLLIE one hundred times, and then ask someone to help you see where the position is wrong, some people did not come to OLLIE Ten times, I kept asking, even if others tell you the real reason, you do not necessarily understand

7. Practice to use the brain, each action failed to make improvements in the next, not to repeat the failure of the action, and finally develop habits, it is difficult to change, because you are just a failure of the action.

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