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Travel Electric Skateboard Common Sense, How To See Performance?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Electric Skateboard is a new form of skateboarding following the traditional skateboarding. Electric Skateboard is very energy-saving, fast charging and long voyage capability. Vehicle modeling handsome, easy to operate, driving safer. For friends who like life is definitely a very suitable choice, but also a great joy in life experience.

1, the height of the car to suit your height. 2, choose better braking performance Electric Skateboard, and familiar with the brake position. 3, regular bearing oiling, reducing the resistance of the taxi. 4, beginners should glide on the smaller slope, gradually deepen the difficulty. 5, do not glide on wet or too bumpy roads.

How to see performance

Handrails: Must be rubber handrails, not only can be shockproof, but also non-slip, eliminate safety concerns.

Pedals: Pedals currently on the market there are four main materials: plastic, all iron, semi-semi-aluminum, aluminum, magnesium alloy. It is recommended that you choose magnesium alloy pedal, because the magnesium aluminum compression than aluminum.

Brakes: Brakes are located at the top of the faucet, the time of purchase to move by hand to see if you check the brake is flexible and comfortable.

Shock absorption: Select adult scooter must choose double shock absorption of the scooter, the purpose of reducing the use of vibration, improve comfort.

Now on the market a lot of Electric Skateboard can be like a bike, easy to carry, more advantages than bicycles, can be folded, greatly reducing the space. When going to work marching scooter, you can fold in the office, both safe and will not take up a lot of space, get off work and can bid farewell to congestion, early return to home harbor.

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