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Two Skateboarding Method
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Two skateboarding method

1. Safety common sense: before wearing glory must wear suitable protective gear. Such as: helmets, knee pads, hand guard, wrist and so on.

2. Prepare for the activity: Prepare for skating before knees, ankle, right amount of twisting waist and other actions, fully to relax the body's role.

3. Stand Methodology Practice: Beginning, help the wall or rely on others to help, stand, practice how to grasp the balance.

4. Basic board action exercises: front pedal pedal in front of the active board, rear foot jog forward one step. Then, put the heel on the back pedal.

5. Straight glide Basic exercises: According to their grasp of the degree of competence, can be divided into swinging skateboard two-foot straight-line taxiing, swinging straight-line swing.

Swing your feet straight glide: Stand on the board to relax, keep the center of gravity balance. Before and after swinging both feet, swinging action to have a sense of rhythm, like a fish swinging its tail in the water before and after the same swing both feet, knees swing action consistent.

Rear foot swing straight glide: to relax the body, keeping the center of gravity in the state of swinging the rear legs, back and forth when the back foot swing moderate pedal, swinging before and after the action remains consistent.

6. Arc gliding Basic exercises: skateboard to change the direction of gliding while maintaining a certain speed taxiing.

Sliding modestly press the front pedal, you can make the taxi route arc, you can also use the body tilt to press the front and rear pedal to control, which is the so-called turn. According to their own grasp of the degree of gravity to control the arc glide, control the gliding speed, and then gradually improve their ability to control.

7. 180 ° Radial Swing Exercise: 180 ° swivel while maintaining a fixed speed of glide.

Try to try according to their own ability to control, if not a good center of gravity control is easy to fall. skateboard Rotation can be pressed at the same time before and after the pedal, front and rear pedal pressure in the opposite direction the size of the size of the control can be rotated arc. Pay attention to controlling the speed of taxiing and the size of the arc in the taxi to steering, and should not be too fast and too small in the taxiway. (Before and after the two-way rotation are skilled)

8. S-shaped glide basic exercises: S Glide is like a snake swing body forward, glide path was S-shaped.

S-shaped glide is to slide back and forth at the same time before and after the pedal glide. Swing before and after the process of the pedal should be the opposite direction, the swing should be moderate depression pedal. skateboard Glide your feet through the waist twisting in the gliding, consistent action. For example: You can place a row of obstacles on the ground to bypass the taxi. Control your own ability to gradually reduce the distance between obstacles or improve the speed of obstacles to further improve their ability to S-shaped glide.

9. 360 ° rotation practice: the pedals in the taxi form a 360-degree rotation.

The use of upper body rotation drive waist to form twisting, thus driving the pedal to form a rotating force. Upper body rotation can be spread open arms to maintain balance, action will be more beautiful. Can be rotated at a constant speed glide, so easy to increase the rotation of the driving force, but the taxi speed should not be too fast. Proficiency in the above actions can be learned 360 degree rotation.

10.8 Word Swing Exercise: Creates a 8-character shape of the taxi path.

Swing in 8-character shape, skateboard you can start to arrange two obstacles to practice. Of course, this can only be carried out in situ rotation under a force. Pay attention to the flexibility of the ankle and the coordination of the entire body.

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