• Automatic Skateboard

    Automatic Skateboard

    The battery we produced has a BMS battery management system, so Automatic Skateboard can avoid battery damage caused by over-discharge and charging. In addition, this battery management system also uses active protection technology to avoid damage to the motherboard and...Read More

  • Kids Skateboards

    Kids Skateboards

    This Kids Skateboards consists of deck, grip, truck, PU wheel, truck bolt, bushing, bearing, motor, battery, motherboard and remote control, so it is a very complete structure and excellent performance. Children's skateboard. Every part of this product has been carefully...Read More

  • Girl Electric Skateboard

    Girl Electric Skateboard

    The Girl Electric Skateboard we produce consists of deck, grip, truck, PU wheel, truck bolt, bushing, bearing, motor, battery, motherboard and remote control, so it has a very complete structural skateboard to achieve smooth Comfortable glide. This skateboard is perfect for...Read More

  • Skateboard Kit

    Skateboard Kit

    The power of this Skateboard Kit we produce is provided by a single hub motor. This hub motor does not have any belts or gears, which makes the electric motorized drive of the hub motor less prone to failure to ensure the safety of taxiing. In addition, this motor can also...Read More

  • Skateboard Ramps

    Skateboard Ramps

    The Skateboard Ramps we produce is waterproof, which means it can ride in the rain without fear of damaging it. Therefore, the user can fully enjoy the happiness brought by the sliding. This skateboard has a 35-kilometer battery life because it is designed with speed, range...Read More

  • Skateboard Tape

    Skateboard Tape

    Our Skateboard Tape has an 8-inch rubber tire to ensure its stable and safe sliding. The deck material of this product is made of a composite of 7 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo, so its load-bearing capacity is very good. This product is available to children or...Read More

  • Battery Powered Longboard

    Battery Powered Longboard

    This Battery Powered Longboard is an electric longboard designed for all-terrain enthusiasts, so it can be stably used in a variety of terrain to meet the needs of skaters and bring more fun to users. This skateboard features a dual N5065 belt motor. This motor has a power of...Read More

  • Electric Skateboard Stickers

    Electric Skateboard Stickers

    201 8 LATEST product 3 50w electric skateboard stickers Product Description Packaging & Shipping Packing Details Foam ,color box and outside carton protecting. 1pc/color box /carton Packing pictures Shipping Our nearest port is Ningbo Port. You can use our forwarder or...Read More

  • Electric Skateboard Tape

    Electric Skateboard Tape

    This Electric Skateboard Tape is a leap forward version of the P5, so it has more power and unique design. If we think that the P5 is an entry-level electric skateboard booster, then this product will become a professional skateboard booster. It has more possibilities for the...Read More

  • Remote Control Longboard

    Remote Control Longboard

    This Remote Control Longboard has front and rear suspension, so driving is more comfortable and safe. It has a remote control, so it is very user friendly. In addition, its remote control allows for a smoother acceleration and braking of this product. It has a Class A LG long...Read More

  • Made In China Fashion And Low Cost Pomelo Electric Skateboard

    Made In China Fashion And Low Cost Pomelo Electric Skateboard

    For beginners or professional skateboarders there are three speed modes to accommodate any rider. Pomelo boards can reach speeds of up to 35KM/H. Turn every errand, grocery run, or commute into a joy ride. Pomelo electric skateboard Package Includes: 1X electric skateboard 1X...Read More

  • Best Electric Skateboard UK

    Best Electric Skateboard UK

    Pomelo is a small electric skateboard. It’s dimension is 990 x 270 x 140 mm and only weighs 8.3kg. You can bring it anywhere and not need to worry about parking or locking. Electric skateboard is truly the best to travel, no matter for transportation or for recreation....Read More